Private Heritage Game Reserve






Conservation Philosophy

Staying at GannaHoek means you are participating in and experiencing an immensely successful conservation project,

which returned the land to the rich biodiversity for which the region was once renowned.

Heritage Homestead

​The GannaHoek Ranch has been under Cawood custodianship since 1843. 15 000 acres of conserved wilderness is home to over 400 species of fauna and flora in the Eastern Cape. Fittingly at the center of this warm and welcoming family-run private game reserve is a family home that has been transformed into a private lodge available for exclusive use. The Dutch lodge is a striking balance between present-day and time-honored elegance within generous spaces and endless views. Built at the foot of the Gannahoek Mountains surrounded by untouched indigenous South African veld, the elegant homestead is a historical tribute to the timeless architecture namely Cape Dutch. 


In keeping with traditional Cape Dutch layout, the residence is built around a central ‘great room’ which leads onto a terraced ‘stoep’ area, the parklike garden and beautiful natural South African landscape. Below the living space of the grand house is an old stone cellar bar, fitted out with local flavors and great South African wine. The overall effect of the lodge is a testament to the extraordinary past of the Cawood Family since the early 1800s. 


​Unique Location

Located at an elevation of 998 meters above sea level, the mountain elevation stands high above the surrounding area with a small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300m or more. The Mountain Zebra National Park is a close neighbor and the two locations are similar in natural habitat. The landscape known as the Karoo Heartland epitomizes the essence of South Africa. Vast open spaces; sparse veld and distant brooding mountains were millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the plains, leaving in their wake fossils which attract the attention of paleontologists from all over the world.


This is the tranquil landscape of Frontier Country.


Abundant Wildlife

​The Ranch is home to over 25 species of antelope including the Zebra, Golden, Black and Blue Wildebeest, Copper and Common Springbok, Waterbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Cape Buffalo, and Majestic Sable as well as the Giraffe and Eland. GannaHoek has become a natural breeding ground for the Warthog where numbers increase year on year.  


This Ranch is a conservation area for over 400 species of fauna and flora and is kept sustainable through annual low-density hunting. 

Luxury Accommodations

Luxury Rooms inspired by GannaHoek's natural landscape and wildlife. 

5 Kingsize luxury suites

Large dining lounge with wood-burning fireplace 

Library lounge with TV and wood-burning fireplace.

Coffee Bar 

Old stone cellar bar 

Swimming Pool

Small gym

Safari Vehicles

Fire Pit

Wi-Fi available


Game Viewing

Guests can enjoy a guided safari drive at sunrise or sunset where you can expect to see a diversity of wildlife. 


GannaHoek Species List

​Walking & Hiking

Guided bushwalks and hiking trails.


Mountain Biking

With over 100km of dirt roads available GannaHoek offers the mountain biker's perfect playground.

Bird Watching

GannaHoek is bird lovers paradise

GannaHoek Species List

Star Gazing


There is perhaps no more transcendent experience than looking up at a full sky of sparkling stars 

Swimming Pool

Cool off during the heat of the day in the cool and calming water overlooking the beautiful landscape. Pour a cocktail and enjoy the dappled light of our reeded pool area.



South African classic style dining with a twist of culture, heritage & tradition

Most meals are enjoyed in our hunter's lounge around the large rosewood table under the crystal chandelier.  Weather depending you may dine outdoors or venture out for a bush evening with local flavors.


Great care has been taken to build a menu that takes care of our guest’s wellbeing. Homegrown venison is our specialty as well as a few spicy African dishes. The menu adapts to our seasons with lighter dishes served in summer and warm rustic curries and red wine stews been served in winter.


An ‘a la carte’ breakfast menu is available in the coffee bar with daily updates to your meals throughout the day. A light café styled lunch is served at midday, while dinners are an eclectic mix of traditional Xhosa and Malay ingredients combined with old traditional Karoo recipes.


The coffee bar is refreshed and restocked daily ensuring that coffee is brewing by the time you wake up and all through the day. Enjoy our wide range of local herbal teas.

Bottled water is always available.


GannaHoek is a graceful space and a quiet retreat.  


The Cawood family would like to extend an invitation to those looking for peace and tranquillity to come and share in their very own private game ranch experience in South Africa. Our dedicated staff consisting of cooks, gardeners, trackers, professional hunters, and dedicated game drivers are there to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. 



Guests can be collected by our safari vehicles from the Port Elizabeth Airport in Port Elizabeth. The trip inland is approximately 2.5 hours by tar road until the dirt road 40 minutes from the reserve. A private helicopter charter is also available from Port Elizabeth to the reserve.


Depending on your preference of season, a visit to GannaHoek in summer is diversely different from a visit in winter. Each season has its own beauty with summers been dry and hot with afternoon thunderstorms providing much relief. Winters are stark and dry with the location looking arid and hard. Dust storms, frost, and occasional snow make GannaHoek a beautiful hibernation spot for those looking for some peace and quiet. Outdoor activities continue all year round with warm winter days and lazy summer siestas.


All meals are catered for by our in-house staff. Menu options and a drinks list is provided by the lodge and confirmed pre your arrival. 




GannaHoek has a small dedicated team of housekeepers, ground staff, trackers, drivers, and cooks.


GannaHoek is an exclusive use reserve. Your privacy is paramount.


Private Medical Facilities are available 40 minutes from the reserve and there are excellent private hospitals in Port Elizabeth only 2 hours away. Please bring all medication.  For emergency evacuation please go to https://www.satib.co.za/

Come and be part of our sustainable philosophy.

Contact Us for any further information.




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