A Family Heritage Private Reserve



Southern Cross Safaris has been hosting hunting safaris at their families private reserve, 'GannaHoek' since the early 60's. 

Conservation Through Sustainable Utilization

GannaHoek is dedicated to the conservation and sustainability of over 400 species of fauna and abundant indigenous flora. Hunters from all over the world visit in low numbers keeping herd numbers healthy and provide the resources needed to conserve this unique biome for future generations. 


Family Heritage since 1843

The Cawood Family have been custodians of this land since 1843. During this time the management of the land has transformed through three Cawood generations.  The inception of conservation hunting at GannaHoek began in the early sixties when wildlife numbers in South Africa were at there lowest due to poaching.  


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The Location, Fauna & Flora

GannaHoek is located at an elevation of 998 meters above sea level. The mountain elevation stands high above the surrounding area with a small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300 metres or more.  The landscape known as the Karoo Heartland epitomizes the essence of South Africa. Vast open spaces; sparse veld and distant brooding mountains were millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the plains, leaving in their wake fossils which attract the attention of paleontologists from all over the world.

The Reserve is home to Zebra, Golden, Black and Blue Wildebeest, Copper and Common Springbok, Waterbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Cape Buffalo, and the Majestic Sable as well as the Giraffe and Eland. GannaHoek has become a natural breeding ground for the Warthog and more recently the Aardvark, the rare Bat Eared Fox and Hedgehog has been sighted.  This is a bird lovers paradise with over hundred species found around the lodge. The high rocky mountain ridges are home to the Black Eagle, while the flat plains are nesting grounds for the Blue Crane (South Africa's National Bird), Secretary Bird, abundant hawk and owl and small bird species.

The diversity of flora found at GannaHoek makes it especially attractive all year round with a mix of three biomes: The Nama-Karoo, Grassland and Thicket. The warm north-facing slopes offer a wide variety of habitats ranging from the grassy rocky mountaintops, to the dense thorny slopes with steep meandering river beds and thickets rolling down into the flatter grassy savanna and acacia thorn tree plains below. 


International Hunting

Southern Cross Safaris has been hosting international hunts at their families private reserve since the early sixities. The old traditions of the track, walk and stalk and the love of the adventure continues today where guests enjoy this scenic landscape by safari vehicle and on foot. Herd numbers at GannaHoek are fairly large and offer the animal variety you would expect on a South African hunt. Your Professional Hunter will assist you with recognizing the best quality hunting animals that have broken away from the herds or are the oldest and most suitable to hunt. These mature animals are fully grown and will offer our hunters excellent quality.




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The Team

Our small team is made up of a family of creative cooks, experienced trackers, meticulous skinners, accommodating housekeepers, and professional hunters who all work towards giving you the South African Hunt Experience of a lifetime!

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